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Meditation for Dealing With Fear of COVID-19

Lay back and relax

Lay back and breathe

Breathe and go within

Turn off your mind | Go within your body

Go to your heart space | Go to the area in the center of your chest | Breathe into this space

Relax your mind | Relax your thoughts | Open yourself up to receive from your higher self

Trust you are receiving messages of love and light from your higher self through

Breathe and open

Receive | Open

Feel the energy | Feel the warmth | Feel the clarity

Feel a bright golden light penetrating the top of your crown

Going down through the top of your crown

Through your face | Through your neck | Through your chest | And your stomach

Through the lower half of your body and your legs | Through your feet

Feel the clarity | Feel the nourishment

Feel yourself receiving this abundance of loving energy

You are being sent unconditional love

Open your heart now to receive | Feel your heart opening

Envision this golden light going through your heart | Filling your entire chest

Claiming your nervous system | Calming your rib cage

Replacing any fear | Replacing any worry

You are whole | Just as you are | Complete

Fill yourself with this love

You are safe you are safe you are safe

Tell your body | It hears you

You are safe you are safe you are safe

Repeat to yourself this mantra...

Fear does not exist in my body. Fear does not exist in my home. Love exists in my body. Love exists in my home.

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