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Girl, Pick up Those Weights

I've said this before and I'll repeat it and again.

Weightlifting IS NOT going to make you look like a man.

That's not how it works, not even close. You aren't going to accidentally grow muscles. Picking up a barbell isn't going to give you muscle definition in a week, probably not even in a month.

I repeat myself because I've heard it said by so many women, most of which I consider brilliant intelligent people, speak to me that they only want to do cardio. After all, they just know that they will look "hard" or "like a man" if they start lifting weights.

That's not how it works. You don't just get cut and defined "hard" muscles by accident. That mindset is actually insulting to the women who have worked for decades to look the way they do.

No, lifting weights will NOT make you look hard. It will NOT give you "bulky" muscle overnight.

You do NOT get ripped by accident.

It takes dedication to diet and a well-rounded lifting schedule to look the way these people do. Even men and women who take performance-enhancing drugs still need to work diligently and eat clean to look the way they do.

If you want to get toned and lose weight, lifting weight is the BEST thing you can do. You will tone those fatty areas and make them smaller before they ever get more prominent.

Fat may weigh less, but it takes up far more area than muscle. And no muscles arent "hard" if you're scrolling on Instagram and see a bodybuilder and think oh jeez they must not be fun to cuddle with, that's incorrect. In that photo, you are looking at they are flexing, if they weren't flexing you probably wouldn't even know they were that muscley if you ran into them at Target.

As women, we don't even produce enough of the right hormones to keep muscle mass quickly. The amount of work we have to put in to build and sustain muscle mass is a lot of work. It will not happen by accident.

That being said, if you want an ass like Jennifer Lopez or want that stubborn underarm flab to finally go away, you can have those things. No needles, no plastic surgery, no liposuction. All you have to do is

Lift Heavy Weights

Also, in case that hasn't convinced you yet, here's a hard truth. As women, we make up 80% of all osteoporosis diagnoses. Do you know what helps prevent osteoporosis and strengthens bones? Lifting heavyweight. So if you've been using this as an excuse, stop, please. You aren't doing yourself any favors.

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