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One-on-one training is a hands-on personal training experience.


One-on-one sessions last 60 minutes and are done either online or in-person at your home.

This option is for people looking to get more hands-on assistance and motivation.

My 60-minute one-on-one sessions are extremely beneficial for Steel Mace Flow, Animal Flow, and Yoga students. We can really deep dive into technique and form.

I also offer shorter one-on-one HIIT sessions that last 30 minutes. These are great for busybodies who need direct motivation from a coach for that extra push.

Any one-on-one sessions can be turned into group sessions with more than one person, when you do this the rates for any extra friend or family member are discounted significantly.


Working out is more fun together so I encourage people to take advantage of this fun option. Basically, it's like having your own group class at your home (or on the beach or in the woods if you would like)! This also works great for birthdays and parties!

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