Steel Mace Flow

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1 Hour

Steel Mace Flow



Enjoy this class with Rachael, an Ultrarunner, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Alliance Registered 200 hour yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Steel Mace Flow Certified Coach, and Certified Animal Flow® Instructor.

About the class

Steel Mace is used in fitness to challenge rotational ranges using a closed chain activation to strengthen and tone the full body as well as create new ranges of motion. Usually comprised of a hollow metal bar that is weighted on one end, in Steel Mace Flow we call this weighted end the globe 🌎 This offset weight of the mace challenges and strengthens not only major muscle groups, it also strengthens primary stabilizing muscles, as well as your joints. Steel Mace Flow is an unmatched functional training tool that improves strength, power, and endurance like no other. Benefits of Steel Mace Flow include but are not limited to, improvement in balance, coordination, and posture. As well as deepened mobility, and flexibility.

This class is for anyone, of any fitness level, especially those with warrior spirits who desire to create and move.

You do not need to have your own Steel Mace to take this class. However, we do recommend that you get your own 10lb Steel Mace, as each class will have "homework" for you to practice before your next class. Having a home Steel Mace Flow practice is not essential but recommended. If you would like a recommendation for a brand of Steel Mace to get please feel free to contact us.

There is a $5 fee if you would like to borrow a mace for the duration of the class.

Classes start with breathing techniques, and foundational movement and mobility patterns. Each class is based around a signature flow or flows. After warming up we will begin to break down this flow into its most basic parts, and then finally putting it together in a beautiful cohesive flow that we all do together as a class. It is truly a magical thing to behold a group doing Steel Mace Flow together in unison of movement and breath.